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oralFinding the symmetry axes of a perspectively projected plane curve G. Marola
oralVideo Mosaicking for Arbitrary Scene imaged under Arbitrary Camera Motion M.-T. Cheung, R. Chung
posterInclusion of Singly Visible Surfaces in Image Mosaic Construction Y. He, R. Chung
posterIris Recognition for Iris tilted in Depth C.-N. Chun, R. Chung
posterA Review on Research and Applications of Cylindrical Panoramas R. Klette
posterClassifier Combination Through Clustering in the Output Spaces H. Altincay, B. Cizili
oralRepresenting Orientation in N-Dimensional Spaces B. Rieger, L. van Vliet
posterGaussian-Weighted Moving-Window Robust Automatic Threshold Selection M. H. F. Wilkinson
oralDocking of Polygons using a Boundary Descriptor A. Imiya, S. Kudo
posterArea and Moment Computation for Objects with a Closed Spline Boundary S. Sheynin, A. Tuzikov
posterBunch Sampling for Fast Texture Synthesis D. Zhou, G. Gimel'farb
posterMultimedia Simulation of Colour Blindness and Colour Enhancement Assisted Colour Blindness C. Sinthanayothin, S. Phoojaruenchanachai
oralAdaptive Deformations during Free-form Pose Estimation B. Rosenhahn, C. Perwass, G. Sommer
oralConstruction of Complete and Independent Systems of Rotation Moment Invariants J. Flusser, T. Suk
posterA New Tracking Technique: Object Tracking and Identification from Motion T. Chen, M. Han, W. Hua, Y. Gong, T. Huang
oralImage Segmentation Based on Transformations with Reconstruction Criteria I. R. Terol-Villalobos, J. D. Mendiola
oralDiscrete Morphology with Line Structuring Elements C. L. Hendriks, L. van Vliet
posterEvaluation of an Adaptive Composite Gaussian Model for Video Surveillance Q. Zang, R. Klette
posterWeighted Thin-Plate Spline Image Denoising R. Kaspar, B.Zitova
oral Unsupervised Segmentation Incorporating Colour, Texture, and Motion T. Brox, M. Rousson, R. Deriche, J. Weickert
posterOffset Smoothing Using the USAN’s Principle A. Lo Giuoco, G. Gallo
posterA New Fisher-based method applied to Face Recognition C. Thomaz, D. Gillies
oralA Structural Framework for Assembly Modeling and Recognition C. Bauckhage, F. Kummert, G. Sagerer
oralFeasible Adaptation Criteria for Hybrid Wavelet - Large Margin Classifiers J. Neumann, C. Schnörr, G. Steidl
posterGenetic Algorithm to Set Active Contour J.-J. Rousselle, N. Vincent, N. Verbeke
posterSkeletonization of Character Based on Wavelet Transform X. You, W. Zhang, Y. Y. Tang
oralComputing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection T. P. Tian, Y. Chen, W. K. Leow, W. Hsu, T. S. Howe, M. A. Png
oralPart-based Shape Recognition using Gradient Vector Field Histograms W.-B. Goh, Kai-Yun Chan
posterSuper-Resolution Capabilities of the Hough-Green Transform V. Shapiro
oralThe Generalised Radon Transform: Sampling and Memory Considerations C. Luengo Hendriks, M. van Ginkel, P. W. Verbeek, L. J. van Vliet
oralTowards a Real Time Panoramic Depth Sensor P. Peer, F. Solina
posterLow Complexity Motion Estimation based on Spatio-Temporal Motion Vector Correlation H. S. Yoon, G. S. Lee
posterStereo System for Tracking Moving Object Using Log-Polar Transformation and Zero Disparity Filtering I. Choi, J.-G. Yoon, Y.-B. Lee, S.-I. Chien
oralMonocentric Optical Space J. Koenderink
posterFingerprint Matching Based on Directional Image Representation in Polar Coordinate System C.-H. Park, J.-J. Lee, D.-M. Kwak, B.-S. Kim, J.-U. Won, Y.-C. Song
oralIlluminance flow S. Pont, J. Koenderink
posterSegmentation of Wounds in the Combined Color-Texture Feature Space M. Kolesnik, A. Fexa
posterAn Image-Based System for Spoken-Letter Recognition K. Saeed
posterCoefficient Partitioning Scanning Order Wavelet Packet Algorithm for Satellite Images S.-Y. Han, S.-Y. Cho
posterSimple Points in 2D and 3D Binary Images G. Klette
posterTopological Active Volumes N. Barreira, M. Penedo, C. Mariño, F. Ansia
oralMeasuring Sigmoidality P. Rosin
posterAutomatic Detection of Specular Reflectance in Colour Images Using the MS Diagram F. Torres, J. Angulo, F. Ortiz
oralSupport Vector Machines for Road Extraction from Remotely Sensed Images N. Yager, A. Sowmya
oralThe D-dimensional Inverse Vector -Gradient Operator and its Application for Scale-free Image Enhancement P. Verbeek, J. Dijk
posterOptimizing Eigenfaces by Face Masks for Facial Expression Recognition C. Frank, E. Noeth
oralAutomatic Segmentation of Diatom Images A. C. Jalba, J. B. T. M. Roerdink
oralAnalytical Decision Boundary Feature Extraction for Neural Networks with Multiple Hidden Layers J. Go, C. Lee
oralDesign of a Multilayered Feed-Forward Neural Network Using Hypersphere Neurons V. Banarer, C. Perwass, G. Sommer
oralA Simple and Efficient Algorithm for Detection of High Curvature Points in Planar Curves D. Chetverikov
oralCumulative Chord Piecewise-Quartics for Length and Trajectory Estimation R. Kozera
oralGeneralizing the Active Shape Model by Integrating Structural Knowledge to Recognize Hand Drawn Sketches S. Al-Zubi, K. Tönnies
oralPDE based Method for Superresolution of Grayscale Images A. Torii, Y. Wakazono, H. Murakami, A. Imiya
oralModelling Non-Linearities in Images Using an Auto-Associative Neural Network F. Wehrmann, E. Bengtsson
oralViewpoint Selection - Planning Optimal Sequences of Views for Object Recognition F. Deinzer, J. Denzler, H. Niemann
posterEpipolar Plane Images as a Tool to Seek Correspondences in a Dense Sequence M. Matousek, V. Hlavac
oralMerging Subspace Models for Face Recognition W. Skarbek
oralFont Classification using NMF C. W. Lee, H. Kang, K. Jung, H. J. Kim
posterRough Surface Correction and Re-illumination using the Modified Beckmann Model H. Ragheb, E. Hancock
oralGraph Clustering with Tree Unions A. Torsello, E. Hancock
posterSpectral Clustering of Graphs B. Luo, R. Wilson, E. Hancock
oralRecognition of Car License Plate by using Dynamical Thresholding Method and Enhanced Neural Networks K.-B. Kim, S.-W. Jang, C.-K. Kim
oralA New Sharpness Measure Based on Gaussian Lines and Edges J. Dijk, M. van Ginkel, R. J. van Asselt, L. J. van Vliet, P. W. Verbeek
posterArabic Character Recognition using Structural Shape Decomposition A. Al-Shaher, E. Hancock
posterEfficient Eye Image Checking Algorithm for Robust Iris Recognition System J. Jang, K. Kim, Y. Lee
posterBlind Source Separation using Variational Expectation-Maximization Algorithm N. Nasios, A. Bors
posterMonte Carlo Visual Tracking Using Color Histograms and a Spatially Weighted Oriented Hausdorff Measure T. Xiong, C. H. Debrunner
posterLearning Statistical Structure for Object Detection H. Schneiderman
posterObject Classification and Tracking in Video Surveillance Q. Zang, R. Klette
oralDepth Recovery from Noisy Gradient Vector Fields Using Regularization T. Wei, R. Klette
posterClassification of Connecting Points in Thai Printed Characters by combining Inductive Logic Programming with Backpropagation Neural Network L. Pipanmaekaporn, A. Sachdev
posterA Face Processing System Based on Committee Machine: The Approach and Experimental Results K. F. Jang, H. M. Tang, M. R. Lyu, I. King
posterA Comparative Study of Morphology and Texture Features for the Characterization of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques C. I. Christodoulou, E. Kyriacou, M. S. Pattichis, C. S. Pattichis, A. Nicolaides
posterShape From Photometric Stereo and Contours C.-Y. Chen, R. Klette, C.-F. Chen
posterA Fast Algorithm for Constructing Parameterizations of Three-Dimensional Simply Connected Objects O. Weistrand
oralGready Algorithm for Training Set Approximation V. Franc, V. Hlavac
posterVideo Retrieval by Context-based Interpretation of Time-to-Collision Descriptors A. Mittal, W.-K. Sung
posterDetecting and Classifying Road Turn Directions from a Sequence of Images A. P. Leitao, S. Tilie, S.-S. Ieng, V. Vigneron
oralA Visual Comparison of Shape Descriptors using Multi-Dimensional Scaling J. Edwards, J. Riley, J. Eakins
posterTrajectory Estimation Based on Globally Consistent Homography S. Nam, H. Kim, J. Kim
oralApplication of Adaptive Object Recognition Approach to Aerial Surveillance S. Baik, P. Pachowicz
posterMulti-Class Support Vector Machines with Case-based Combination for Face Recognition J. Ko, H. Byun
oralWriter Style from Oriented Edge Fragments M. Bulacu, L. Schomaker
posterClassifying Sketches of Animals Using an Agent-Based System G. Mackenzie, N. Alechina
posterInterpolating Camera Configurations L. Noakes
posterPartial Faces for Face Recognition: Left vs Right Half S. Gutta, H. Wechsler
oralReal-Time Optic Flow Computation with Variational Methods A. Bruhn, J. Weickert, C. Feddern, T. Kohlberger, C. Schnörr
posterFace Recognition by Fisher and Scatter Linear Discriminant Analysis M. Bober, K. Kucharski, W. Skarbek
posterAdaptive Stabilization of Vibration on Archive Films A. Licsar, L. Czuni, T. Sziranyi
oralOptimization and Tracking of Polygon Vertices for Shape Coding J. Zaletelj, J. F. Tasic
posterConditions of Similarity Between Hermite and Gabor Filters as Models of the Human Visual System C. J. Rivero-Moreno, S. Bres
oralA Computation of Fingerprint Similarity Measures based on Bayesian Probability Modeling S. Joun, H. Kim
posterA Genetic Algorithm with Automatic Paramterer Adaptation for Video Segmentation E. Y. Kim, S. H. Park
posterTwo Level Unassisted Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching Method P. Stec, M. Domanski
posterMulti-Loop Scalable MPEG-2 Video Coders S. Mackowiak